GEN 00001
Published On: 02/02/2017

Question: The updated 2014 filing found in the FERC elibrary appears to be a Mon Power filing for all of their resources and breaking out Bath Hydro separately with a filing amount of $724,734.59 annual charge. We would like verification that this is the latest amount of Reactive Revenue attributable to Bath County as well as verification the value is for just the Mon Power share of the Reactive Revenue not to include other owners’ value.

Answer: The $724,734.59 is just Mon Power's share of the reactive revenue.

GEN 00002
Published On: 02/03/2017

Question: Does the Bath County plant generate RECs? If so, which type?

Answer: Yes, Mon Power has qualified Bath for PA Tier II.

GEN 00003
Published On: 02/10/2017

Question: In the GADs data report, are the generation statistics reported on a 100% of unit basis or is the data for only 40% of the total project capacity, consistent with AGC/First Energy’s Share?

Answer: The GADs data reports AGC's 40% interest.

GEN 00004
Published On: 02/10/2017

Question: In reference to the GADs data report, when comparing the data for equivalent outage hours provided in the file “GADS_EVENT_DATA_1025160.xlsx” (GADS EVENT DATA) to the EAF values in the file “GADS Data_092616.xlsx” (GADS DATA) we find some values that we don’t understand. o For example with regard to the BTH1 data set in the GADS DATA the calculated EAF does not appear to be supported by the data from the GADS EVENT DATA for the period 9-2014 through 12-2014 and 9-2015 through 12-2015 o Please explain how events spanning from one month to the next were treated in the calculations for EAF. o Examples include - an event from 9/29/14 through 10/3/14 labeled as event number 615 - an event from 9/8/15 through 12/29/15 labeled as event number 255 - an event from 10/31/15 through 11/1/15 labeled as event number 280

Answer: For such events, the portion of the event falling within each calendar month are applied to that calendar month. In the first example below “an event from 9/29/14 through 10/3/14 labeled as event number 615”; 2 days would be applied to September 2014 and 3 days would be applied to October 2014.

GEN 00005
Published On: 02/13/2017

Question: Monongahela Power customers in West Virginia served in part by the approximately 487 MW of generation capacity from Bath County are located in franchised service territory. Is it correct that these customers will continue to be served by Monongahela Power (or by FirstEnergy as applicable) after the RFP sale of Monongahela Power’s indirect ownership interest in Bath County?

Answer: Yes, Mon Power will continue to serve these customers.

GEN 00006
Published On: 02/15/2017

Question: Is the transmission line part of the facilities for sale? Does MonPower have any obligation to pay for O&M expenses related to the transmission line?

Answer: The Bath Transmission facilities are not part of this RFP process. A more detailed description of Mon Power’s Undivided Interest for sale through this RFP has been added to the RFP Data Room.

GEN 00007
Published On: 02/15/2017

Question: The December 16, 2016 press release issued in conjunction with Monongahela Power’s request for proposals (“RFP”) to sell its ownership stake in the Bath County states that Monongahela Power will seek regulatory approval from the WVPSC after one or more proposals are selected. What approvals are needed from the WVPSC? Under what authority or authorities will Monongahela Power seek WVPSC approval? And who are the necessary parties for such filings? For example, would Monongahela Power seek WVPSC approval under W. Va. Code § 24-2-12 (c) to dispose of its ownership interest in Bath County?

Answer: Approvals from both the WVPSC and FERC are needed to sell the asset. Mon Power, the necessary party, will seek approval from the WVPSC under W. Va. Code 24-2-12 and to be released from the Commission-approved arrangement that all of Mon Power’s Bath County power is purchased from AGC for the WV customers.

GEN 00008
Published On: 02/16/2017

Question: I am unable to locate the following schedules in the data room. Are they posted? SCHEDULES Schedule 1.01(a) Permitted Liens Schedule 1.01(b) Real Property Schedule 2.01(b) Assumed Contracts Schedule 2.02(b) Excluded Assets Schedule 9.01(b) Governmental Approvals

Answer: Mon Power plans to work with the winning bidder to develop these schedules as necessary to complete the APA prior to its execution.

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